Tiny Mining


The Tiny Mining community was founded in November 2019, during an expert meeting in Brussels. This open community consists of a diverse group of chemists, geologists, artists and alternative medicine practitioners. In November 2020, a small group of community users took part in the first remote sweatshop dedicated to the exploration of experimental protocols for improving extractive yields and facilitating testing procedures for the wider community.. We also explored the construction of alternative belief systems, facilitating the adoption of Tiny Mining as a widespread cultural practice. A metal or element was assigned to each sweatshop participant for reflection and extraction. In order of elements the participants were: Theun Karelse, v2_labs, Dennis de Bel, Kat Austen, Martin Howse, Aniara Rodado and Alfonso Borragan. The results of the first remote sweatshop are documented here.

The community is open and registration can be completed at http://tinymining.me

A set of protocols for the remote sweatshop is available here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Djv1cafskuv3wxYsx84bB2HkSKNqgI9H/view?usp=sharing

  1. 22 Nov Moon

    Copper by Dennis

    The half-moon on the last day of chelation, captured by Pascal Walhof. From the first… read more

  2. Urine Dep

    Silver by Alfonso

    This was probably a successful misunderstanding. No strange in my as my attention capacity is… read more

  3. Results

    Lead by Martin

    From the previous day/night’s half moon silver nitrate study – breath as the lighter, more… read more

  4. Day six – diary

    Lead by Martin

    Sunday – the day of gold! Ingestion Computation/algorithm Excretion Pee semiconductor! I’m still thinking on… read more

  5. 19 Nov

    Copper by Dennis

    Finally some proper food! This was dinner, steamed a bunch of oysters + chipotle tabasco,… read more

  6. Native Silver

    Silver by Alfonso

      The improbability of finding pure silver grains in nature made us think that locating… read more

  7. 18 Nov

    Copper by Dennis

      Not much food today, no time, to much work. All this talk about metals… read more

  8. La nuit # 1

    Mercury by Aniara

    Me dormí rápidamente pensando en el efecto afrodisiaco que popularmente se le atribuye a las… read more

  9. 17 Nov

    Copper by Dennis

    Last time I had oysters I…expelled more than only copper, but all of my contents… read more

  10. Boxing arsenic

    Arsenic by Martin

    Boxing of the kit to send to v2_unstable for Tiny Mining Remote Sweatshop.